So you’ve created your store, set up your products and are ready to go. But after Launch, the numbers have been underwhelming.

Gaining traffic to your website is not an easy task, and conversion rates can sometimes be quite slim.

There are a number of key concepts to grasp when preparing to run an online business.

Here at Launch My Shop, we pride ourselves on delivering quality Shopify Stores with an ability to engage traffic and convert. Here are our top 5 expert steps:

1. Design - having something worth showing:

Choosing a layout that is suitable for the type of products you sell and one that will still look great on mobile is critical to your success. It is no use trying to show a large audience your website if it isn’t optimised in a way to please customers and give them a chance to buy.

You must take design into account when contemplating your conversion rate, as the goal is to have your audience easily understand what your brand is about and what you're selling. This will decrease the bounce rate and build trust with your audience.

Some key design concepts include

Large imagery that spans across the whole page,

A well designed logo predominantly in the middle with navigation menu underneath,

- Testimonials,

- Shoppable Instagram section,

- Blog integration,

- Organised collections

are just some ways to ensure an engaging layout.  

Once you’ve conveyed your brand story and designed your Shopify theme store for optimal conversion rates it’s time to bring the traffic.

2. Paid Facebook Advertising - traffic:

Easily the best form of advertising in the digital marketing space, Facebook ads are a perfect way to quickly drive traffic to your store and see the number of sessions rise.

Understanding your audience's wants and needs is critical here, as we encourage you to make a piece of content that will engage an audience and make them want to take action.

Some important areas are:

- The type of Facebook ad

- The description

- Photos/Video

- Call to action

Once you have worked out the type of content you will need (which we will cover in the next step), you can go ahead and create a Facebook ad.

There are two methods here, our suggestion is to try both alongside each other A/B split testing, to see which is more effective, then simply ignore the less effective ad and our more energy into the winning ad.

Take this piece of content and post it into your facebook wall, whether its a video or blog post it doesn't matter.

Then hit boost

Create a custom audience: They key here is to put yourself into the customer's shoe and write down who they are, what is there age, interests etc. Make sure to go as specific as possible you only want to reach your exact ideal audience, therefore adding in specific targeting metrics like “early technology adopter”, “high-income earner”, “newly engaged” or “Returned from trip 2 weeks ago” are ideas to become very specific with who you are targeting. Facebook knows a lot about us, so be specific with your audience.

Simply starting off with $10 on each piece of content and running it over a few days is a great way to see if it was effective. If it works then pour more fuel on the fire and increase ad spend.

3. Content Marketing - engage first, then sell.

A list of content ideas:

- Blog posts

- Videos

- Photography about your product

The idea is to provide value and build trust. People buy because they like the product and like the brand, you need both.

Competing simply on price,

is not going to carry you to multiple sales by itself, you need to build a brand with ongoing content creation which you will use alongside paid Facebook advertising to reach a large audience.

4. Create a Blog that educates, informs or entertains.

Blogging can increase your organic SEO and click-through rate on Facebook ads.

People are not always searching google to buy a product, but they are often asking questions related to your industry and in which case, someone is answering these questions through a blog and bringing a ton of traffic to their website. This person should be you.

People are also more likely to click on an entertaining blog post and head to your website than they would click on a spam ad to “buy now”.

Make your blog useful or entertaining.

5. Email Marketing - if the fortune 500 companies do it, you should too.

An added feature of content creation is people are interested in your brand, not just your product. This way they will allow you to take their email in exchange for interesting content that you have been providing. They do this by adding their email into the newsletter sign up form that you should always include on your website. Once you have collected enough emails, you will have your own audience to advertise through email marketing. Sending a coupon code or promotional deal to these email subscribers once in a while is a great way to turn readers of your blog into paying customers, you have gained their trust, so the click-through rate to your website will be great, and offered them a coupon which will increase conversions.

These 5 tips used in conjunction with one another are a quick and easy yet powerful way to gain a high traffic rate to your store

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