You’ve decided to start your own business, as we know this can be both exciting and challenging especially when it comes to building a website.

Let’s say you want something well designed, smart and captures your brand ethos but you may not know where to start?

Most would suggest to start by building a website with a templating software, however you may end up producing something subpar and realise you need guidance.

Start by receiving support from an agency before building your website, for the most successful and profitable eCommerce stores are based on guidance, experience and expertise.


Here are the 5 starting points to launch your shop:


1. Theme selection:

Themes are one of the most crucial starting points when building a website, this choice can make or break a website. Shopify have some of the best themes on the market to suit your brand, however which one do you choose? Searching within the large catalogue of theme options can make the process daunting and difficult especially if you are uncertain if the theme you committed to provides all the aspects you were after.

Allowing an agency to step in and select a few themes that would best suit your needs with your own unique content can allow your decision to have a confident outcome.

2. Speed and theme configuration:

As demand continues to increase, speed is a major factor in successfully trading through your website and aside from producing a beautiful design, there are crucial steps to consider to keep your customer satisfied and continue to grow your business.

Setting up your shipping process, understanding analytics tracking, configuring your domain and website settings can all become time-consuming however leaving these steps up to an expert can make a smooth transition from front-end design to the back-end logic.


3. Boosting sales with SEO and scalability:

Want to understand the best social strategy to boost your brand? Allowing an expert to provide insight, set up blog features and articles is a great way to start.

There is an ever-expanding range of apps that can engage your audience and most agencies will offer a base range within their website package, however do these personally suit your business? LaunchMyShop can support with relative apps for you, starting with apps such as JustUno which provides pop-up promotions to build your subscribers and Foursixty for shoppable Instagram features, and many more.

4. Email marketing:

If companies on the Fortune 500 list support email marketing, we can confidently say that we see no signs of this method slowing down when generating sales.

Understanding the correct software to choose, creating a strong design template and setting up automated flows to email customers can enable growth for your business and an agency will provide relevant direction to set you up for future growth.


5. Migration

If you have a large catalogue and/or are migrating from an existing website, it is almost certain you will want to contact an agency. These types of jobs can be time-consuming, intimidating and monotonous without the help of data experts and developers.

Uploading hundreds of products manually with individual pricing, description and images can be a daunting task however with agency support you can focus on growth whilst we organise the heavy lifting.

As you can see templating software may be a simple starting point yet building a successful website has many more steps. The correct guidance can increase confidence where you not only will be supported during the build but guided through marketing and steps to take when engaging your customers and planning future growth.

Ready to launch that idea? Contact an expert at LaunchMyShop and we will bring your business idea to life in no more than a week.

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